Teaching Materials


The Mir­ror of Race project was founded in part to make early pho­tographs, as well as essays and com­men­tary, freely avail­able to all view­ers. Our hope is that both the gen­eral pub­lic and teach­ers will use them for edu­ca­tional purposes.

To this end, the project intends to develop a vari­ety of aids to assist teach­ers in using this site, what­ever the edu­ca­tional level, from ele­men­tary school to grad­u­ate studies.

One exam­ple of this is the essay on this site by by Dominique Zino and stu­dents in one of her col­lege writ­ing classes, “On See­ing and Writ­ing Together,” in which Zino explains the multi-media process by which she and her stu­dents col­lab­o­rated on a project using the images in the Mir­ror of Rae collection.

If you are an edu­ca­tor and you would be inter­ested in assist­ing us in devel­op­ing teach­ing tools for Mir­ror of Race, or if you have ques­tions about using this site for your own teach­ing, please con­tact us at gfried@suffolk.edu.

Rec­om­mended links for teach­ing about race:

For a project that explores how to teach cul­tural iden­tity through sto­ry­telling, we rec­om­mend Susan O’Halloran’s web­site.

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