One of the goals of the Mirror of Race project is to promote discussion of the history and the future of race in the United States. We believe that the photographs in the Mirror of Race collection have the potential to engender constructive dialogue.

For this reason, two of the founders of the Mirror of Race project, Derek Burrows, a musician and storyteller, and Gregory Fried, a professor at Boston College, have given combined lecture/performances to a variety of audiences, both academic and non-academic, sometimes combining these with faculty workshops and visits to classes. We employ a combination of lecture and spoken-word performances, along with projected images from the collection, to challenge audiences to reflect upon the meaning of race.

If you would like to book a lecture/performance, please also contact us at gregory.fried@bc.edu.

We would also like to encourage other academics, teachers, storytellers, and performers to join this project. Lecturers and performers associated with the Mirror of Race project would use the photographs and other materials from the site, as well as the teaching guides that we will be developing, to design their own presentations.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us gregory.fried@bc.edu.

Please begin by telling us something about your work and how you would envision using the Mirror of Race.