For All the World to See. Visual Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights. The project explores the historic role of visual culture in shaping, influencing, and transforming the fight for racial equality and justice in the United States from the late-1940’s to the mid-1970.s. Hosted by the University of Maryland

Without Sanctuary. Photographs and postcards of lynching in America.

Rentyhorn Petition. About a European travelling exhibition.


National Archives – Africa through a Lens. See the British National Archives collection of photographs spanning over 100 years of African history.

Yale Slavery and Abolition Portal. A guide to primary sources related to slavery, abolition, and resistance within Yale University’s many libraries and galleries.

Randolph Linsly Simpson African-American Collection. Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library’s collection of daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, and card photographs depicting black life from the 1850’s-1940’s.

Texas African American Photography Archive. The website Documentary Arts Online features the TAAP archive which provides a broad overview of African American photography in the urban and rural areas of Texas, spanning the period from the 1870’s to the present.

The American Museum of Photography. An online museum featuring daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, carte-de-visites, and cabinet cards.

Multimedia Projects

Digital Diaspora Family Reunion: One World, One Family. A multimedia community engagement initiative that activates family photographic archives.

Through A Lens Darkly. A documentary and multimedia outreach project.

Research Projects

RACE – Are we so different? A project of the American Anthropological Association. A new look on race through three lenses: History, Human Variation, and Lived Experience.

Project Implicit. An online research project that examines how people are often unaware of their own biases in how they see others. This site is of particular interest because it allows viewers to participate directly in the research study and to assess their own implicit biases in a range of areas, including race.

About Photography

The Daguerreotype: An Archive of Source texts, Graphics, and Ephemera. A research archive regarding the history of the daguerreotype.

Luminous-Lint. A scholarly non-commercial resource that share information on the history of photography. See the collection of ethnic groups.

International Center of Photography. The world’s leading institution dedicated to the practice and understanding of photography and the reproduced image in all its forms.

The Daguerreian Society. A community dedicated to the history, science, and art of the daguerreotype.