Derek Burrows, master storyteller and educator gives workshops in storytelling.
These can be booked on their own or in combination with the Mirror of Race exhibition, lecture-performances, and other elements of the project.

Paired with the Mirror of Race, Derek can conduct workshops in which participants tell their own stories of race and identity, as well as learn to listen the stories of others and retell them in a shared experience

In his workshops, Derek demonstrates a variety of styles of storytelling, including the use of props, instruments, and sounds. Using movement, call and response and a variety of sounds, Derek talks about ways of engaging the student and audience and finding the right story for the occasion, such as a keynote speech, product presentation, or training workshop.

Storytelling workshops are available for all age groups and can be designed for each setting. Myths, legends, folktales as well as personal narratives are used depending on the nature of the workshop and audience.